Adultery Man And Female Cousins Tied To Tree And Whipped

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a man and two female cousins, including a minor, who have been tied to a tree where they were whipped for hours because he had eloped with a married woman and the two relatives helped.

The shocking incident was filmed by members of the angry mob in the colony of Arjun in the district of Dhar located in the northern Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and posted on social media.

According to local media, the man in the footage, identified as Mukesh, was accused of running away with a woman married to a resident called Muwel.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The husband reported that his wife went missing to the police several days ago, but managed to track her down himself and discovered that she was with another man, according to reports.

Muwel contacted his wife’s alleged lover Mukesh to arrange a meeting and find “a compromise” to the situation.

However, when Mukesh arrived with his two female cousins, they were allegedly confronted by an angry group.

Reports said that the two female cousins were accused of helping Mukesh run off with the married woman and were molested by the attackers before being tied to the tree and beaten. One of them is believed to be a minor.

Muwel was said to be among the cheering attackers seen in the video footage.

According to local media, the police have filed a case against nine suspects and five have been arrested, including three women.

Police spokesperson Sanjay Muwel said that they hope to track down the four missing suspects soon.

The investigation continues.