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Addict Dad Jailed For Beating Baby Son To Death After Mum Dies In Childbirth

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

An addict father who beat his three-month-old son to death after the baby’s mother died in labour has been sentenced to seven years in prison for manslaughter.

Warehouse worker Frank H., 38, from the German city of Duisburg, was jailed for beating his 99-day-old son Alessio to death on 14th October 2020.

He was charged with manslaughter by Jill McCuller, 36, public prosecutor in the city of Duisburg on 20th April 2021.


Frank H. had to raise his son alone because his unnamed partner, aged 35, died during childbirth.

According to relatives, he was often seen under the influence of illegal substances and alcohol by his family.

He drank up to 12 bottles of beer, Baileys and brandy per day.


According to the District Court in the city of Duisburg on 11th May, Frank H.’s blood alcohol concentration during the crime was 2.6 per mille.

The indictment said that Frank H., who at the time of the crime was under the influence of alcohol, beat and strangled 99-day-old Alessio between 14th and 15th October before passing out on the floor next to the child.

Frank H. claimed in court he did not remember anything, and was surprised that his son didn’t make any noise when he woke up in the morning.


He then called a social worker who came to the house and saw Alessio gasping and trembling on the bed after which he was immediately taken to the hospital.

The baby died of “irreversible brain damage” on 16th October 2020, despite doctor’s best efforts to save him.

The autopsy revealed that Alessio had a lower jaw fracture while the brain damage occurred due to lack of oxygen.


Frank H. was sentenced to seven years in prison and will also undergo addiction therapy.

The boy’s aunt, who also followed the trial, told Bild: “We are sad and exhausted. We were very shocked by the details. The judgment is too lenient for us. But now we finally see the end. It won’t bring back our loved ones.”