Actress Did Millions Of Crunches To Impress Thor Hubby

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Stunning actress Elsa Pataky has said that she does 200 crunches before bed to obtain the perfect six-pack while presenting a new health app that she created with her beefy hubby, ‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth.

The 42-year-old Spanish actress, who has three children with Aussie actor Hemsworth, travelled from their home Down Under to her native Spain to present a new get-fit app called ‘Centr’ which the celebrity couple reportedly developed.

During a TV interview on the prime time show ‘El Hormiguero’, Pataky told the audience: “To get the perfect belly you should do millions and millions of crunches like I did.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@El_Hormiguero & CEN/@elsapatakyconfidential

“I wanted them ripped so I make myself do 200 crunches every night before bed.”

The stunning blonde, who used to go out with Oscar winner Adrien Brody between 2006 and 2009, added: “To begin with it was tough and I only used to do 50, but then it slowly became 60 and step-by-step it increased.

“I hate doing squats so I have to force myself to do them. The bum is very important, and gravity starts to pull things down for women of a certain age.

“It is very cruel and it happens to everyone, but women notice it more I think.”

Pataky also confessed that she has a long-running battle with her famous husband over who will appear on the most cover pages of glossy health magazines.

She said: “Chris is in a lot more countries than I am. We are very competitive when it comes to training, but he is currently appearing on more covers than me.”

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