Acrobat Beaver Pees On Audience At Circus

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@plohie_novosti_mc

This is the moment a swinging circus beaver pees on audience members while being forced to carry out a dizzying acrobatic routine.

The incident was filmed in the city of Yaroslavl in the western Russian region of Yaroslavl Oblast, and the footage was shared on social media where it has been viewed nearly 140,000 times.

In the footage, the poor beaver is seen placed on a swing high in the air as it rocks from side to side and begins to pee on audience members.

Picture Credit: CEN/@plohie_novosti_mc

The Zvezdniy Kruiy (Star Cruise) show took place on 14th December but the video footage has been posted on social media now.

According to local media, the circus show was well promoted in the city with organisers focussing on the beaver acts.

However, after the video was widely circulated online, hundreds of animal lovers expressed their outrage at the incident, emphasising that the semi-aquatic rodent must have been stressed and disorientated.

Netizen ‘Valeria Levshina’ said: “I’ve had enough of circuses and how they humiliate the animals. When are the authorities going to finally ban them?”

‘Evgeniya Vainerman’ commented: “Oh my God, poor little creature.”

‘Yana Ponomaryova’ wrote: “Everyone should boycott circuses otherwise they will never go away.”

However, other netizens speculated that the urine was a staged trick as there may have been a water container next to the beaver.

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