9 Racist Guards In Brutal Attack On Migrant Fare Dodger

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Video Credit: CEN/@esracismosos

This is the shocking moment security guards brutally beat a Moroccan fare dodger with truncheons at a train station in Barcelona prompting allegations of racism.

The incident took place at the Placa de Catalunya station in Barcelona in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia and was shared by the online platform ‘This is Racism’ where it has been viewed over 141,000 times.

Following the incident, state train operator Renfe has reportedly suspended nine guards.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@esracismosos

In the footage, several guards are seen chasing a man through the station as the camerawoman laughs and says “poor guy”.

However, her reaction changes when a group of officials suddenly crowd the suspected fare dodger and restrain him, with one female guard seen hitting him with her truncheon.

The camerawoman shouts over “my god, what are you doing?” and one male guard appears uncomfortable with his colleagues’ actions and turns his back on them.

At one point, a guard appears to force the man to the ground by gripping the truncheon across his throat and pulling him down.

Renfe have confirmed that nine guards have been suspended as an investigation gets underway.

The operator added that they will “never tolerate negative attitudes or abuse” against members of the public.

The statement also said that Renfe “regrets the aggression suffered by a young man” and called the guards’ response “disproportionate”.

They also asked the victim to contact them and included a telephone number.

It is believed that the migrant, reportedly from Morocco, tried to board a train without a ticket.

The unnamed victim has not yet reported the alleged abuse to the authorities, according to local media.

The ‘This is Racism’ online group called the incident “racist brutality” although it is unclear whether they are pushing for judicial action.

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