7yo Girl Shot By Grandpa With Crossbow Fights For Life

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Credit: CEN

A seven-year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was accidentally shot by a crossbow bolt fired by her granddad.

The incident happened in the town of Wangen bei Olten in the Olten district of the north-western Swiss canton of Solothurn.

The seven-year-old girl, who has not been named due to privacy reasons, was hit by the bolt in her own back garden.

Her 68-year-old grandfather reportedly hit her accidentally during target practice on a fixed target.

The pensioner, whose name is also withheld, told cops he did not see his granddaughter suddenly walk into the trajectory of the bolt.

The little girl was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where doctors describe her condition as critical.

However, a family friend later said: “She has been operated on, she is already doing better.”

Solothurn Cantonal Police are currently investigating the exact circumstances of the incident.

Police spokesman Andreas Mock said: “According to our current findings, the child got in the line of fire.”

The weapon used was reportedly a sports crossbow. It was not reported whereabouts on her body the bolt hit the child.

Cops declined to comment on whether the grandfather was active as a sports shooter or had acted irresponsibly.

The accident has shocked local residents in the town where one woman said: “It’s terrible, what happened.

“The fact that someone shoots a bow at home when a child around seems irresponsible to me. I just hope the child gets well again without lasting damage.”

Credit: CEN

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