70 Stitches For Hairdresser Who Rejected Slasher Client

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This hairdresser may be disfigured for life despite receiving 70 stitches as her face was sliced open in four places by a male client after she turned down his advances.

The 15-year-old named only as ‘Xiao Gu’ is no longer in any life-threatening condition following the razor blade attack on 3rd May, but it is unclear how she will afford the extensive cosmetic treatment necessary to mend the inevitable scars on her face.

The teenager works at a hair salon in the city of Shenzhen in China’s southern Guangdong Province, where she first came across the customer who took an interest in her.

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The client, surnamed Li, reported asked Xiao Gu to be his girlfriend despite being repeatedly and politely turned down.

“He said he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend,” the girl said, adding: “I refused him. I would just smile and keep quiet.”

On the day of the incident, Li allegedly followed Xiao Gu after she clocked off at the salon at 11pm.

After she turned into an alley, the customer is said to have grabbed the teenager from behind and tried to kiss her.

Xiao Gu said: “He asked me finally: ‘Is there really no chance of you being my girlfriend?’

“I said yes, then he pulled out the [razor] blade and sliced at my face.

“He cut me and asked whether I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was only after I agreed that he took me to hospital.”

Xiao Gu was able to ask nurses at the Bao’an People’s Hospital for help, with Li detained shortly afterwards.

Xiao Gu received more than 70 stitches for four lacerations on her face, including one deep gash measuring some 4 inches in length.

The teenager’s family say they are concerned her scars will significantly impact the rest of her life, including any future jobs she may want to hold.

It is currently unclear whether she will seek reconstructive surgery – or whether she can even afford it.

No punishment had been announced for Li at the time of writing.

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