5yo Boy Has Cerebral Paralysis After Chewing On Battery

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A five-year-old boy has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy after chewing on a battery he was playing with at home.

According to local media, the young boy, named Iker Fuentes, was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia, a specific type of cerebral palsy that refers to difficulty in controlling limb movements, in his home city of Torreon in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

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The five-year-old was rushed to hospital by his mother Sugey after she found him chewing on a battery.

Upon arrival, the boy was able to enter the hospital unaided, but his condition quickly deteriorated and doctors carried out an endoscopy, according to reports.

Pictures Credit:CEN

Reports said that Iker underwent emergency surgery, but doctors could not prevent the youngster from suffering hydrocephalus, an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain.

The situation has reportedly left the five-year-old confined to a wheelchair.

After a month in hospital, Iker has returned home, but doctors do not believe he will ever be the same again, according to reports.

Despite the negative prognosis, Iker’s parents still have hope that their son’s condition will improve with physical, visual and language therapies and lots of dedication.

However, they are concerned they do not have enough savings to provide the boy with everything he is going to need.

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