5G Arson Attack On Mast Captured On Camera

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Dutch cops investigating a wave of arson attacks in the country that have targeted the growing 5G network have released a video of one man pouring flammable liquid over one of the antennas and setting it on fire.

The Dutch revelations follow on from news that UK mobile networks also reported a further 20 cases of phone mast being targeted in suspected arson attacks over the Easter weekend. Trade group Mobile UK said it had been notified of incidents in England, Wales and Scotland.

Dutch police have not confirmed a motive for the 13 arson attacks so far on 5G towers since 3rd April alone, with a national police spokesman saying: “It is far too early to say what the reason is. We are busy figuring out who is behind it.” But confirm they were looking into the suggestion that it was connected with fears the 5G network was linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Conspiracy theorists say that the 5G network is weakening the human immune system, leaving it susceptible to attacks by the coronavirus, and claim that the city of Wuhan had switched on its 5G network and exactly the same time as the virus took hold of the city.

The claims however have been dismissed as groundless and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection that has found no evidence suggesting 5G poses a risk to human health. In the UK broadcast regulator Ofcom has already sanctioned a small radio station for featuring a guest who claimed 5G caused the pandemic.

In addition, none of the masks so far attacked actually been offering 5G. A spokesman for Dutch telecommunications company KPN said: “No 5G masts have been set on fire, they are masts that offer 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity.”

In the arson attack recorded on camera in the Netherlands, a man who police say is aged between 25 and 30 and driving what they believe is a black Toyota Aygo is seen pouring the flammable liquid from a can over the mast in Groningen and then setting it on fire.

Police said there had been similar attacks in Rotterdam, Tilburg, Oudenbosch and Veldhoven as well as other locations. Last night alone they said there were two attacks on radio masts in Almere.

Police said all of the attacks followed the same procedure where petrol was poured onto the ground before being satellite.

They warned that the actions could have wide reaching consequences, including affecting the ability of emergency services to respond to calls.

Dutch Justice and Security Minister Ferd Grapperhaus previously referred to the arson attacks as ‘an attack on our emergency services and thus our society’.

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