5 Scooters Crash Like Bowling Pins In Motorway Pile-Up

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment five scooter riders crash into one another and are knocked over ‘like bowling pins’ in a chaotic motorway pile-up.

The accident was recorded on a motorcycle-mounted camera as its owner travelled in the bike lane on Fuzhou Bridge in North Taiwan’s New Taipei City.

The footage dated 15th October shows the column of scooters riding behind one another during morning rush-hour traffic.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

However, when one scooter owner, named as Mr Liu, fails to keep a safe distance between another rider, he accidentally rear-ends the man and the pair crash to the ground.

The row of unprepared scooter riders behind them fails to stop in time and end up crashing into the heap of vehicles.

Chaos ensues as all five end up in a heap of mangled metal, with scooter parts seen flying away and being scattered across the narrow bike lane.

Several of the scooter riders are seen picking themselves up after the accident, with New Taipei police saying two were later taken to hospital for treatment.

The pair who suffered more serious but non-life threatening injuries were discharged the following day.

Local media reports have likened the accident and the falling scooters to ‘bowling pins’.

The authorities said Mr Liu would be held liable for causing the initial crash, but no arrests were made and investigations are ongoing.

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