4yo Deaf Tot Savaged By Rottweilers During Dr Visit

Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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These are the injuries sustained by a four-year-old partially deaf girl after she was savaged by two rottweilers at her doctor’s house while receiving treatment.

The incident took place at the home of phono-audiologist doctor Jimena Di Bartolo in Ingeniero Maschwitz, in the Escobar Partido of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

The young girl, named in reports as Emilia, was reportedly on her fourth visit to the doctor’s home and her father Carlos Barberis said he dropped her off at around 7pm.

Barberis says around 10 minutes later doctor Di Bartolo called him asking for him to return urgently as Emilia had been bitten by her two rottweilers.

He told reporters: “When I arrived, I saw a battle scene, she was sitting in the doorway, all injured, covered in blood.

“I’ll never forget that image. She was bitten everywhere but especially on the right part of her body. They used their teeth to bite her skull, her ear and they took part of her cheeks off.”

Images taken of Emilia’s injuries show how her head was covered in bite marks as well as her arms and legs. Reports state she was also bitten on her hips and back too.

The four-year-old had to undergo surgery on her right leg and required assistance breathing for two days. 

She was discharged from the hospital on 27th March, nine days after the incident and her father thanked the doctors, saying: “They saved my daughter’s life. She arrived bleeding and she was operated on urgently.”

He says she is now recovering at home and revealed: “She does not want to go out. She is all inside all day. She even does not play with our dogs (a Labrador and a Schauzer) any longer. She got very scared, and now she is about to start therapy with a trauma specialist.

“Only my girl and the doctor know what happened. She sent me several messages but I asked her not to bother me anymore. I told her that she had ruined my family and that she had no idea what we are going through.”

The father has filed a complaint with the police and an investigation has been launched.

Barberis says the doctor promised to put her dogs down after the incident but claims she has not done so, telling reporters: “Last week I passed by her house and I saw the dogs sitting in the neighbour’s house.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.

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