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45m Views For Majestic Chinese Beauty Roly-Poly Doll

Story By: John FengSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report 

Video Credit: AsiaWire / Tik Tok

This young woman’s performances as a majestic roly-poly doll have skyrocketed her to fame and seen footage of her in action watched more than 45 million times in two days.

Feng Jiachen, 23, has made headlines across China for her performances as a wobbly or tumbler doll at the scenic area known as Datang Everbright City in Xi’an, capital of north-western Shaanxi Province.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Footage of the expert dancer shows her swinging seemingly effortlessly back and forth, swaying towards and away from baying audience members who try to touch her.

The real-life version of the traditional roly-poly or round-bottomed doll is made possibly by a large semi-sphere and steel frame, onto which she is strapped before the start of every show.

She and other dancers – both male and female – have reportedly come through a rigorous selection process.

Male dancers must weigh no more than 60 kilogrammes (9.4 stone), while their female counterparts are restricted to below 50 kilogrammes (7.8 stone) in order for their rig not to fall to the ground.

Ms Feng also wears heavy makeup and traditional Chinese clothing from the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD), when the former capital was located in Chang’an, now called Xi’an.

Her videos, in which equally impressive dance partners also feature, have been widely shared on every Chinese social media platform.

She is now the subject of much fanfare every time she steps onto her poly-roly rig in front of hundreds to thousands of crowd members.

Ms Feng told local media: “I learned dancing as a child, and it became my hobby.

“I’m very happy to be performing at Datang Everbright City now because it’s what I like to do.

“I started working as a roly-poly in July. Unlike traditional performances, I interact a lot with audience members and also need to master the skill of being a roly-poly.

“We didn’t expect our performances to become so popular. It has been very surprising to be a viral sensation.

“But nothing has changed. I’m still doing my best to give the best performances I can.”

Ms Feng holds three to four shows every night, reports said.

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