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4 Month Old Baby With No Face Starts To Communicate

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Picture Credit: CEN/Marlen Simao

The Portuguese baby born without eyes, a nose and missing part of its skull has now reached four months of age and has already started to communicate.

The progress of little Rodrigo, who was born at the Sao Bernardo Hospital in the municipality of Setubal which lies within the Lisbon metropolitan area, has surprised doctors monitoring his daily development, according to local media.

Rodrigo, dubbed ‘the baby without a face’ by local media, was born at the hospital on 7th October.

The baby’s godmother and family spokeswoman Tania Contente told local media that Rodrigo’s parents, Marlene and David, cannot contain their joy after the tot started making efforts to talk and communicate with others.

Reports said the baby is at home with his parents where he also receives daily care from a dedicated medical team.

Contente said: “His development in four months has been a pleasant surprise for all of us,”

Picture Credit: CEN

She added that he is “stronger than ever” although she admitted that “some fear is still there”.

Contente said that a “part of his head still has no bone” because of the “rupture of the membrane protecting the brain”.

She continued: “We already notice that Rodrigo smiles and realises when all of us are near and he is speaking already.”

According to local media, Doctor Artur Carvalho has been suspended for failing to identify the malformation during pregnancy.

The parents said that the obstetrician failed to detect any deformities with the baby during four ultrasound scans. They reportedly underwent a 5-D scan in another clinic where staff noticed the problems with the unborn baby.

An investigation is underway with a decision expected within two months, according to reports.

The incident sparked outrage in Portugal and the probe is ongoing.

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