4 Injured As Out-Of-Control Escalator Sparks Stampede

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@gras.fuentes

These are the scenes at a packed tube station as commuters trample over each other when an escalator failed to stop and trigger a security mechanism leaving four injured.

The incident was filmed by panicked passengers at the Metro Pantitlan station in the central Mexican capital Mexico City and shared on social media where clips have been viewed over 50,000 times.

Footage shows hundreds of people congregated at the top of a stairwell and an escalator arriving to the upper floor.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@gras.fuentes & CEN & CEN/@AlienGreen01

Impatient passengers start to push their way down the ascending escalator and knock people over while others scramble onto the central handrail.

According to local media, one woman fell down the steps during the confusion and dragged three passengers with her, who all suffered minor injuries.

Video Credit: CEN/@AlienGreen01

Commuters claimed on social media that the problem was caused by the direction of the escalator which should have been stopped as a security measure to allow people to move up and down it.

One passenger wrote: “They did not stumble, the station was completely packed and the escalator did not stop which caused the accident.”

The transport authority said on Twitter: “This morning, security staff helped four passengers who suffered minor injuries after falling on one of the escalators.”

In February, there was a similar situation at the Metro Tacubaya station in Mexico City when overcrowding led to panic and people were forced to scramble off a faulty escalator.