3yo Hanging By Neck From 3rd Floor Burglar Bars Rescued

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a boy hanging by his neck from the rusty burglar bars outside his third-floor window is rescued by his heroic neighbour and a cop.

Video from the county of Guiyang in Central China’s Hunan province shows neighbour Peng Longqing desperately holding on to the three-year-old dangling from the rusty security bars.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Peng had reportedly free-climbed the building to reach the tot, but he struggled to help the boy back into the home, where his grandmother had left him unattended.

Patrolling officer Zhou Hong is seen climbing the outside of the building and reaching the first-floor burglar bars with the help of a ladder.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

With no safety or climbing equipment, the brave cop also free-climbs the residential building and reaches the boy’s position by standing on the same second-floor window awning as the neighbour.

The dramatic rescue ends when the boy’s grandmother, Zheng Sanxiu, rushes home to the Mengquan Mingdu Residential District and the two rescuers help the child back inside.

According to local police, Zheng went out to run errands and left her grandson at home alone.

The curious boy climbed out the window and onto the burglar bars, but fell through the narrow gap and found himself dangling over the side of the building.

The tot was unharmed, but officer Zhou suffered some minor injuries while scaling the building, the police said.

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