30-Year Veggie Actress Accidentally Eats Meat In US

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Video Credit: CEN/@m.klooster

This popular Argentine actress has fumed that she unknowingly broke 30 years of vegetarianism after a Miami restaurant allegedly served her a meat burger and told her it was vegetarian.

Actress Marcela Kloosterboer, 36, travelled to the United States to visit her father, accompanied by her two children, Juana and Otto, and claims she was given a meat burger in Joey’s Italian Cafe in Miami, Florida after she ordered a vegetarian burger.

The actress, who is married to former rugby player Fernando Sieling, posted a video saying: “I am here in this restaurant, it is called Joey’s, as you can see. I ordered a vegetarian burger. I haven’t eaten meat for 30 years.

Picture Credit: CEN/@m.klooster

“And they brought me a meat burger. I asked the man if it was a meat burger and he told me no, that it was vegetarian. And they brought me a meat burger, and after a while, I was told no, that it was a meat one.

“So after 30 years without eating meat I have eaten meat and nobody is taking charge, and now I am going to record the restaurant to protest.”

The restaurant sent an apology on social media reading: “We are aware of the situation and it was a sincere and unfortunate accident where the server feels horrible for making the mistake. Management and ownership is reaching out to make amends.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@m.klooster

The award-winning actress reportedly stopped eating meat when she was told of the suffering animals went through in the meat industry.

She is getting ready to return to television as the main character of Separadas, a new series that will be broadcast by the El Trece channel.

Kloosterboer started her career as an actress when she was eight years old, studying theatre but it was not until she was 12 when she appeared in the soap opera Amigovios.

She is reportedly an animal-rights activist and is a member of other organizations such as PETA.

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