3 Inline Skaters Hold On Moving Car While Being Pulled

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the dangerous moment three young inline-skaters hold onto a moving car as it pulls them down a busy road at 70 kph.

The startling scene was filmed by a witness in the district of Cankaya in the province of Ankara in Turkey, when the three boys, whose identities have not been disclosed, apparently decided to enjoy a dangerous ride. 

The video shows the boys standing and holding onto the back of what seems to be a white Hyundai car, which then slows down.

The car was reportedly driving about 70 kph (43 mph) and the boys seemed to enjoy the ride.

The inline-skaters then reportedly realised they were being filmed and tried to hide their faces while the unnamed driver tried to flee by changing direction. 

The boys are often seen performing the stunt with cars, according to local media.

It is not known whether an investigation has been opened.

Netizen ‘Ali Tufekci’ commented: “What’s the deal with those people who don’t care about their lives?”

Inline skating is commonly referred to as ‘rollerblading’ or just ‘blading’ due to the popular brand of inline skates Rollerblade.

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