3 Dead As Woman Zapped By Faulty Fan And Her Family Try To Pull Her Away

Three people have been zapped to death by a faulty fan when a woman received an electrical shock and her daughter and son-in-law tried to pull her away with their bare hands.

The tragic incident took place last week in a rural area in the north-eastern Argentine province of Misiones, bordering with Paraguay and Brazil.

Norma Beatriz Vergara, 51, tried to turn on a fan in the home when she received an electric shock, causing her muscles to contract and remain ‘stuck’ to the object.

Norma Beatriz Vergara (51) who died electrocuted by a fan in her home in Argentina. (Newsflash)

Her daughter Marcela Schonholzer, 24, and son-in-law Gustavo Ayala, 32, heard her scream and went to investigate.

They find the woman being shocked by the fan and tried to drag her away with their hands, however they were also electrocuted.

Norma’s parents and husband were also in the house at the time.

Marcela Schonholzer (right) and Gustavo Ayala (left), who died trying to save Norma Beatriz Vergara (51), who was electrocuted by a fan in Argentina. (Newsflash)

Neighbours called a local electrician to the house and he cut the power to the building before the victims were taken to hospital where they died within hours of each other, according to local reports.

The Argentine authorities advised residents to take precautions when handling electrical devices and, in the case of seeing someone receiving a shock, use a wooden, plastic or rubber object to touch them with, never an unprotected part of the body or anything metallic.

Officers are investigating whether the fan connection was faulty as the police probe into the three deaths continues.