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1st Pics Of Mum And Baby Killed In Botched Fumigation

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

These are the first images of the family wiped out in an allegedly botched fumigation after doctors mistakenly believed the mum had killed herself.

Speaking of his tragic loss, the woman’s husband Theodor Ion Bota, originally from the Timisoara city, Romania, confirmed nobody had considered poison and added: ”The doctors thought my wife tried to commit suicide.”

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He lost his wife, 29, not named, and his 3-year old son Darius. The deaths have now been revealed to have allegedly been caused by intoxication after the fumigation of their apartment was held by one of the local companies – “Bistim Dera SRL”.

The man said that on the morning of Saturday 16th November after his wife left for her job, his little son Darius felt bad.

Picture Credit: CEN

He said: “We took him to the emergency room in the area and the doctor in charge prescribed him some pills. After it didn’t help I called the emergency and the new team from the Louis Turcanu Hospital arrived. In the hospital, they told us that they thought he had got diabetes. They took him to intensive care, and his mum stayed with him.”

The worried dad said that he had agreed to leave for a short while, saying: “I left for buying some stuff needed for my son when my wife called me and told that Darius’ heart had stopped.

“Doctors told her that they were now struggling to revive him. After a while, a lady doctor went out and said ‘Sorry, we’ve lost him’.”

Picture Credit: CEN

After the child passed away, the couple went home but then his wife started feeling ill.

He said: “On Saturday night my wife felt bad and had the same symptoms my son did. I also felt a stomach ache and sleepiness. I called the emergency services and they took us to the hospital where the doctors couldn’t tell us why we were unwell. They just said it’s a sort of intoxication, and they suspected that my wife had tried to commit suicide.

“They thought that since she lost her son, committing suicide would be the first thing she would think of. Only after I told them that I was also starting to feel bad did they realise something else might be wrong. I feel better now, but my heart still feels weak.”

The chief of the “Bistim Dera SRL” company, named in reports as Ioan Sorin Buta, has been arrested and is being held in preventative custody pending the conclusion of the investigation, which has so far reportedly shown that the toxic Delicia-Gastoxin substance had been used to fumigate the apartment buildings.

Delicia Gastoxin is a fumigant insecticide designed to combat pests. It is highly toxic to all forms of human or animal life.

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