17yo Recruited Underage Girls For Escobar Sex Tourists

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A 17-year-old ‘madame’ has been arrested for bribing underage teenage girls with mobile phones and holidays to work as prostitutes for sex tourists in the city where drug lord Pablo Escobar grew up.

According to local media, the sex racket was organised by a Chilean man who was arrested last week and a North Korean living in the United States who is wanted by Interpol.

Police in the city of Medellin in the north-western Colombian province of Antioquia were reportedly tracking the movements of the alleged madame for six months.

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The authorities suspected that the teen was in charge of recruiting minors to work as prostitutes who offered their services to foreign tourists, according to reports.

The age of consent in Colombia is 14, however it is reportedly illegal to engage in prostitution under the age of 18 years.

After several months, investigators were stunned to learn that the recruiter, dubbed ‘Madame Paisa’ due to being underage, was just 17.

She is accused of offering teenage girls mobile phones, holidays and cash in exchange for them “attending” to ‘sex tourists’, a judicial source told local media.

The sexual liaisons were reportedly organised over social media. Tourists were allegedly sent a catalogue that included options for girls, drugs and alcohol.

Last week, officers followed the suspect to a property in the town of Copacabana in Antioquia where they arrested her, according to reports.

Police spokesman Sergio Andres said: “At the property, we found 20 women. Ten were adults and 10 were under 18.”

Officers also raided two hotels in Medellin which were allegedly allowing the exploitation of underage prostitutes.

In total, 10 people have been arrested as the investigation continues.

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