14yo Who Raped Disabled Woman Too Dangerous To Be Freed

Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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One of three 14-year-olds suspected of teaming up with two 12-year-olds to gang rape an 18-year-old handicapped woman has been locked up for public safety after it emerged he was linked to a string of prior sex attacks.

The Bulgarian teenager only identified as Georgi S. was initially released after spending a night in police custody and handed over to his parents but now the prosecutor’s office in Duisburg, Germany, has now overruled the decision, reportedly because the suspect was already known to police for other sex attacks.

It issued an “arrest warrant for the risk of re-offending” and a police car was sent to pick up Georgi S. from his home and he was locked up in investigative custody.

One of the reasons why the prosecutor’s office issued the arrest warrant was the fact that he was previously known to the cops in connection with two other sex attacks.

Georgi S. has reportedly been connected with two other sexual harassment cases, although he never faced any legal consequences as under German law, children under the age of 14 cannot be prosecuted.

Georgi S. is suspected of having participated in the shocking gang rape of an 18-year-old woman on Friday evening in Muelheim, a city in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Picture Credit: CEN

The shocking sexual assault sparked global outrage and has caused many to question Germany’s laws on not prosecuting suspects under the age of 14.

The gang, all Bulgarian natives with three of them aged 14 and two 12, allegedly lured a mentally disabled 18-year-old woman to a playground in a city park.

They then reportedly attacked the teenager and dragged her into some bushes.

A police spokesman said: “There was violence, massive violence.”

The victim was raped while the gang filmed the ordeal on a mobile phone, according to reports.

Local media said that the woman was “abused in various ways” although police did not share details.

Local residents were alerted to the incident taking place behind their house when their dogs would not stop barking.

After an hour, a 61-year-old man walked out of his house towards the bushes and reportedly saw the woman and two suspects who immediately fled the scene.

Georgi S. lives with his family in the bottom flat of a multiple family dwelling in a dilapidated area of Muelheim which was once buzzing with activity, but fell into a decline when the industries and mines of the Ruhr Area collapsed.

According to local media, the area is nowadays predominantly inhabited by Bulgarian migrants and is full of “bookmakers, gaming halls and groups of men in tracksuits standing on street corners”.

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Picture Credit: CEN

Neighbour Erika L., 79, said that “especially the father” of the family is very aggressive and that she only saw Georgi S. “hanging around on the street in front of the shopping centre”.

The family of suspect Simeon S., 14, who is a cousin of Georgi S., are said to live close by.

According to local media, his entire family is on social benefits and the rent is paid by the welfare office of the city of Muelheim.

Both the families of Simeon S. and Georgi S., as well as those of the three other suspected teenagers, all reportedly hail from the southern Bulgarian town of Pazardzhik in Pazardzhik Province.

Investigations are ongoing. 

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