11-GBP Fine For Driver Who Dragged Dog Home From Shelter

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

A motorist who adopted a rescue from an animal shelter and then dragged the exhausted puppy home behind their car has been fined just 11 GBP for dangerous driving.

The new pet owner, whose identity has not been revealed, claimed they pulled the dog by its lead behind their car because “it stank”, police said.

Authorities in the city of Jiangmen in China’s south-western Guangdong Province were alerted to the cruel scenes after witnesses filmed the black puppy hobbling and limping behind its new master’s car in heavy traffic.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The footage shows the dog unable to stand and being dragged backwards by the lead and collar around its neck.

Jiangmen police said they were investigating the case and quickly tracked down the motorist, who revealed the pooch had just been adopted from a local shelter.

However, because “the dog stank”, the owner tied it to the back of the vehicle instead of allowing it to ride in the back seat or in the boot.

China’s lack of laws protecting domestic pets such as cats or dogs meant officers had their hands tied and were unable to punish the owner for any animal abuse offences.

In the end, the driver was issued the most minor of traffic fines for dangerous driving, which comes with a 100-RMB (11-GBP) ticket and two demerit points.

Members of the public have been left outraged at the lenient punishment.

Social media user ‘Huibuqude Congqian’ wrote: “This has to be stamped out with harsh punishment. People like this are a danger to society.”

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