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102yo Man Set To Walk Again Despite Double Amputation

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This 102-year-old man is learning to walk again after being fitted with prosthetic legs to try to make his daughter’s dream of seeing him on his feet come true.

Tadeusz Madera had both his legs amputated earlier this year above the knee as he was suffering from atherosclerosis, which sees plaque building up inside arteries making them narrower.

Picture Credit: CEN/@www.protezynog.p

Madera was fitted with two prosthetic legs and is now learning how to walk with them with specialists in Rzeszow in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship in south-eastern Poland.

In the images, he can be seen working with the specialists to learn how to walk with the help of two bars which act as balancing aids.

The prosthetic legs have been fitted with black shoes and a flesh-coloured upper part.

Picture Credit: CEN/@www.protezynog.p

The orthopaedic centre’s head Mariusz Grela said: “He has the will to fight to start walking. He trains, carries out all the physiotherapist’s orders and ours.”

Grela revealed the OAP is working to walk again as that is his daughter Marta’s dream.

The chief added that Madera is always smiling in the centre.

Atherosclerosis often restricts blood flow to the sufferer’s limbs and is one of the leading causes of amputations of the lower limbs.

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