100 WWII Explosives Found In Field In Moldova

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Over 100 shells and mines from World War II have been found in a remote field in Moldova.

The discovery was made in a field in the district of Causheni in central Moldova by members of the historical military association ‘DOT’ while carrying out a field reconnaissance, according to local media.

Picture Credit: CEN/@serghey.daniliuk

Experts arrived on the scene and reportedly excavated over 100 shells and mines that had been stockpiled in the field during World War (WWII).

The authorities found 74 mortars, 48 shells, anti-tank mines and hand grenades.

DOT members said that some of the explosives were detonated on the scene while the remaining items were taken to a landfill to be detonated at a later date.

In December, a resident found a WWII 122mm-calibre artillery shell in a field near the village of Parkani in the Slobozia District of Transnistria.

The shell was also detonated on the scene by experts, according to local media.

Picture Credit: CEN/@serghey.daniliuk

World War II is considered one of the deadliest conflicts in human history marked by 70 to 85 million deaths, mostly involving soldiers and civilians from the Soviet Union and China.

The Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic was established in 1940 after being annexed by Soviet forces.

After the Declaration of Sovereignty on 23rd June 1990 until 23rd May 1991, it was officially known as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova.

From 23rd May 1991 until the declaration of independence on 27 August 1991, it was renamed the Republic of Moldova while remaining a constituent republic of the USSR.

Its independence was recognised on 26 December of that year when the USSR was dissolved.

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