This is the shocking moment two young boys are seen risking their lives by hanging onto the back of a speeding tram.


The young fare dodgers were caught on camera by a passenger in a car travelling alongside the tram in the Karsiyaka district of south-western Turkey's Izmir Province.


It happened on a new tram service between Alaybey and Mavisehir, which is still in its initial testing period and had only been running for a few days.


The young boys grabbed hold of the outside of the corners of the tram and clung on for their lives as it sped along its tracks.


They clung on to the mirrors either side of the driver's cab which was at the rear of the tram because of the direction of travel.


Fortunately they did not fall off and both escaped from their dangerous stunt without injury.


But the footage is likely to encourage transport operators to introduce measures to prevent illegal fare dodgers after it went viral on video-sharing websites.


Karsiyaka extends for 12 kilometres along the northern and eastern coastline of the tip of the Gulf of Izmir.


It has an urban culture centred on the sports club Karsiyaka SK, which commands a large and passionate fan base, especially for its football team.


Although currently in the second level of the Turkish football league, the club represents Izmir‘s strongest bid for the Super Lig.

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