A highbrow TV debate on communism took a distinctly political swing when one of the guests punched a journalist in the face for calling his grandparents fascists.


Guests on Polish TV's Mesto Vstrechi - or Meeting Place - had been discussing the country's Soviet legacy.


But the mood darkened when journalist Tomasz Maciejczuk accused another guest's ancestors of being communist fascists.


The guest - Ruslan Ostashko, editor of online news website PolitRussia - warned the speaker not to say it again.


But the unrepentant speaker replied: "Your grandfathers are red fascists."


Within seconds, angry Ostashko has marched across the TV studio floor and clouted his opponent with an expert-looking right hook.


As the pair tussled around the studio, the fight was joined by Ukrainian writer Elena Boyko who landed a few blows.


Programme staff and security officers eventually broke up the live TV brawl.


Scrappy Maciejczuk was involved in another TV fight five months ago when he was punched in the eye for telling a political programme that Russia "lives in sh*t."


The editor was escorted from the studio and paid 50,000 RUB (680 GBP) compensation by Russia's TVC channel.

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