A man has been arrested after being filmed skidding his car into a crowd during a reckless drifting stunt and sending them flying.


The young man, who was not named, was caught on camera in the Al Sadah part of southern Oman’s Salalah province.


The clip shows him driving a large white car at high speed down a wide road.


He veers about all over the road before spinning the car 180 degrees. He then reverses and skids again, going sideways into a crowd of onlookers, who are tumbled into the air by the force of the impact.


Miraculously only one person was injured, with their wounds being described as "medium".


Police arrested the lad after the clip went viral online.


The punishment for such offences is up to three months in prison and a fine of up to 500 OMR (1,000 GBP).


A recent toughening of the penalty has seen the offence of reckless driving become less common in Oman, which had in the past been blighted by it.


A police spokesman said: "Intense police patrols nationwide have also significantly curbed the drifting menace."


Last year saw five people killed in stunt-driving incidents in Oman.


Authorities there have decided to build six new stunt race tracks for young people to indulge in their love of high-speed high jinks in a safe environment.

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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