This is the shocking moment people ran for cover when a fountain of scalding hot water suddenly shot out from a city street and melted the tarmac.


The bizarre incident took place in the Siberian city of Tyumen in south-central Russia’s Tyumen Oblast region.


The city's local administration had warned residents that it was going to test the city's water mains by heating the water to 150 degrees Celsius.


One of the pipes burst under the pressure and a fountain of dangerously hot water erupted into the street outside a nine-storey building.


An unknown number of people are understood to have required medical treatment for burns.


Residents filmed the scene with their smartphone as boiling dirty water erupted into the street, sending white clouds of steam over the city.


Onlooker Larisa Denisova said that part of the road started to collapse from the heat as the tarmac began to melt.


Car owners rushed to move their parked vehicles away from the area.


Local residents said they were angry that officials had not warned them where the danger points were from the pipe testing operation.


Netizen ‘Gulnara Salakhova’ said: "Oh my, why are they so stupid. How could they believe that all the existing pipes would survive?! They should have informed people."


And ‘Stepan Obraztsov’ added: "Stupid, stupid decision. Why don’t people use their brains first and act after."


Founded in 1586, Tyumen was Russia's first settlement in Siberia and remains one of its most important industrial and economic centres east of the Ural Mountains.

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