Pilgrims in Venezuela were shocked when they spotted a rare cloud in the sky they say looked like the Virgin Mary.


The rare cloud phenomenon was seen by pilgrims participating in the traditional pilgrimage of Divina Misericordia (Divine Mercy) that was held on Sunday in the city of Maracaibo, in the north-western Venezuelan state of Zulia.


A lot of pilgrims decided to take some pictures of the rare cloud and posted them online saying it was clearly the Virgin Mary, although other people believed it was God or Jesus Christ.


The video shows the pilgrims, mostly wearing white T-shirts and looking at the sky. The person recording the scene can be heard in the background saying: "Look at this miracle, the Virgin is here, pray for the Virgin, the Virgin protects Venezuela."


The video went viral, as well as the pictures, and received a lot of comments, such as ‘mary_paris57’ who wrote: "Venezuela needs your lovely intervention, my Virgin" and ‘mariadeuztariz2’ said: "Thanks mother, keep intervening for Venezuela and for the entire world."


Netizen ‘adadiazestilo’ said: "It was a beautiful spiritual experience" and ‘nurysmilagros’ added: "This is a sign that we are going to get out of this nightmare", a reference the current situation in the country with a lot of protest against the current government and the shortage of basic products in the majority of shops.


Other netizens explained that this cloud is a phenomenon caused by the presence of humidity and hot air in the atmosphere, and was not a miracle.

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