This is the shocking moment 13 students protesting in the street were run over by a motorist who sped off after crushing them with one of them losing a leg.


The students were participating in a protest against alleged educational irregularities and were standing in the middle of San Juan road, in the city of Guatemala City, the Guatemalan capital, blocking the road and not allowing drivers to pass.


A grey sedan slowly drives into the students who fall over and get trapped under the vehicle’s chassis but instead of immediately stopping, the driver accelerates, exacerbating their wounds and crushing them as white tyre smoke gushes from the car’s wheels.


The footage published in local media and recorded by witnesses and students shows victims trapped under the car, with other students helping them, while the car keeps on accelerating. People were shocked and there was a lot of panic, with students screaming and trying to help their schoolmates.


The 13 students, whose names and ages have not yet been revealed, were transferred to the Roosevelt hospital and only one of them is in a critical situation, while the others are stables.


Carlos Soto, the director of the hospital where they are being attended, confirmed that one of the girls who entered in the emergency service of the hospital with a big injury in her right leg, had to have it amputated.


She also had a serious injury to her right arm and several fractures. The doctor told local media that they had to wait between 48 or 72 hours to know the health state of this arm and then they will decide what to do next.


Guatemalan police informed that they have found the vehicle with several blows in the doors and a broken glass. It will be checked by experts in order to confirm that it is the vehicle that ran over the students. So far, the identity of the driver is still unknown and police are investigating the case.


The students of the National School of Commercial Sciences were participating in a protest and claimed that they were not going to move from that protest blocking the streets until representatives of the Education Minister went there to listen to them. Teachers, however, said that they do not know the reasons of the protest.


Local media reported that they are asking for a new headmaster for the school.

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