A woman has been arrested after she was spotted dragging a cute bear cub along by a metal chain.


Animal lovers called the police after witnessing the cruel sight in the city of Kyzyl in south-central Russia's Tuva Republic region.


They said the little bear sounded like it was crying for help or for its mother.


Police quickly arrived on the scene and arrested the woman who also received a bite from the traumatised cub.


She told police that she had been looking after the bear after receiving it as a gift from friends.


Local police spokesman Alexander Zemlyanoy said: "We hope to find the bear a new home as soon as possible."


He added that the cub would be moved to a zoo in the city of Abakan in south-central Russia’s Republic of Khakassia or a nature reserve park.


It is believed that the bear cub was made an orphan after its mother was killed by hunters.


Netizen 'Fizzy' said: "I hope this cute little cub will stop crying soon."


'Aleksandirna Vetlitskaya' added: "Hope it will get happier. Such an adorable little creature."


And ‘pchelika’ commented: "My heart hurts when I see him calling for his mommy. Wheep."


Kyzyl, the capital city of the Tuva Republic, Kyzyl claims to be located in the exact geographical centre of Asia, although Urumqi in China makes a similar claim.

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