Two teenagers were killed and three injured when a tractor they were racing around a playground overturned.


The tragic accident was caught on CCTV cameras at the school in the village of Tepehan in the Altinozu district of southern Turkey's Hatay Province.


Fifteen-year-old Mehmet Haciomeroglu had borrowed the tractor from a relative and taken it for a spin with four friends around the area near their school.


They raced into the schoolyard, with all five of them sitting on the vehicle, and attempted a sharp turn but the tractor overturned, rolling on top of two of the boys.


Some of the teenagers remained trapped under the vehicle and the rest of them, together with eyewitnesses who rushed to help, desperately tried to push the heavy tractor off them.


Eventually, they succeeded but four of the boys - Mehmet, his cousin Bekir Haciomeroglu, 16, two friends Yasin Unal, 15, and Nevrez Duranoglu - were seriously injured.


One other unnamed lad was less seriously hurt.


All five of the boys were rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital where Mehmet Haciomeroglu and Yasin Unal later died despite doctors' efforts to save them.


The other three teenagers are all said to be in a stable condition in the hospital. It was not reported whether police are investigating the incident.


Hatay Province lies on the eastern Mediterranean coast close to the border with war-torn Syria, which has long-disputed sovereignty claim over the province.

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