This is the horrific moment a woman was killed by a bus as she tried to cross a road alongside her husband.


The woman, who has not been named, was killed instantly as she was struck by the bus at speed in the tragic accident which happened in the central Russian city of Kazan, in Tatarstan republic region.


The moment was caught on camera by an onlooker from nearby block of flats and shows the moment the couple, who are holding hands, go to cross the road.


They are believed to be on a Zebra crossing and start to go across but out of nowhere a bus at speed comes careering into the frame and smashes into the woman, aged 58.


The man manages to jump out of the way and can be seen looking on in horror as his wife is dragged down the road.


He then starts to go towards her after the impact.


Emergency services were called and it is reported that the driver has blamed the couple saying that they were trying to get across the road "a few feet away" from the Zebra crossing.


But officers have since studied the footage and are believed to have accused the driver of lying.


Police officer Niyaz Yarullin said: "The bus driver broke the traffic rules as a result the 58-year-old woman was knocked-down. She died on the spot. He should have stopped and let her pass."


Investigations are believed to be ongoing.


Netizen 'Ramil' said: "There were just going to have a stroll, what a horrible blow of fate..."

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