This two-metre python was found in the luggage hold of a bus by shocked workers from the bus company.


Workers from the bus company Rapido Argentina were shocked when they opened the boot of the bus that was parked in the station of the city of Tandil, in the eastern Argentina province of Buenos Aires, and found a big albino python (Python bivittatus) inside, slithering out of a box.


Workers immediately called firefighters who managed to capture the reptile, as the video recorded by a witness shows.


The footage shows the yellow snake coming down the stairs while firefighters are seen trying to catch it. A man recording the scene can be heard saying "look at this huge f*cking snake" and the firefighter is seen taking it by the head before lifting it up.


Official sources said that the snake measured 2.20 metres (7,21 feet) and 20 centimetres in diameter (0,65 feet).


After the rescue operation, the snake was transferred to the natural reserve Sierra del Tigre where it was attended by vets in order to be released into its natural habitat.


Police spokesman informed that they are investigating how the snake managed to get on the bus as none of the passengers have claimed it.

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Author: David Rogers

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