Rivers of Pepsi filled city streets after a large warehouse for the soft drink manufacturer collapsed resulting in more than 28 million litres of the stuff being spilled.


The mass spillage saw streets filled with the brown soda and video footage released online has since shown people driving through huge puddles of the drink.


The incident took place in the city of Lipetsk in western Russia's Lipetsk Oblast region this week when more than 28 million litres of soft beverages flowed from the factory.


Around 300 square metres of the factory collapsed but luckily no-one was working at the time of the incident.


Rescue teams are now taking part in a mass clean up, clearing rubble from the collapsed building.


Environment chiefs have since said they have launched an investigation into whether the spilled Pepsi on the streets could cause a health hazard.


Representative from the local environmental watchdog Dmitriy Chursin confirmed that water samples from the Don River that flows through the city have been taken to see if the main water has been affected by the soda or the chemicals made to mix it.


He said: "So far our specialists haven’t found any signs of possible damage of water resources."


Netizens have since lined up to look on the bright side.


One, named ‘Anatoly Averkov’, said: "Good thing is that it was a factory specialising on soft beverages, imagine if it was something more serious – chemical producing one" while another, going by the name ‘Kazimir Alchikov’ added: "Colourful rivers like that look like fun, at least in cartoons."


Pepsi representatives have confirmed that they are ready to pay for the damage and stressed that the level of flooding is not that dramatic.

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