Two people were killed when a car slammed into a bus stop at high speed.


Video shows people waiting at a bus stop in the Russian city of Makhachkala, capital of the south-western republic of Dagestan.


A Lada appears in the top left of the screen, being driven erratically and at high speed.


It collides with a car coming the other way, which pushes the Lada into a sideways skid.


Still moving at a ferocious speed, it bumps up the pavement and smashes side-on into a woman standing by a zebra crossing before coming to rest against a building.


Three people waiting for a bus slightly nearer the camera run away in fright then one, a boy, starts limping.


A man with him examines his leg and he may have been hit by a piece of flying debris.


The woman the Lada hit and its passenger died instantly. The driver survived and was taken to hospital.


The extent of his injuries is not known and police did not release a statement on what charges he could face.


Police officers are investigating into the case.


Netizen 'Kulik' commented on the video: "Poor woman, she just wanted to cross the road but she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time."


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