An angry mob stripped and brutally beat a man after he was allegedly caught trying to steal a motorbike.


The incident took place in the city of Catia, in the northern Venezuelan state of Vargas, and was shared online by journalist Jose Domingo after being recorded by a witness.


The dramatic footage shows the unnamed thief lying in the street wearing just his shoes and being kicked in the head repeatedly.


There is a belt around his leg and a woman is seen holding a rope tied around his arm.


She shouts at him: "Stand up and go, stand up and go."


She drags him to his feet but he can barely stand and seems groggy from the beating.


The man recording the scene turns the camera to himself to say: "This is what happens to thugs here."


According to social media reports, the thief had tried to steal a motorbike and was caught red-handed.


The video caused outrage among netizens after being shared more than 1,300 times.


Netizen ‘Gabriela Galasso’ said: "What a horrible thing! Justice only should come from God even though people are fed up. These things make me angry."


‘carolaspinelli’ added: "All of this happens because the government does not provide justice and people decide to take the law into their own hands."


Venezuela is experiencing a wave of protests against the government.


Nobody involved in the mob incident was named and it is not known what became of the alleged thief.


It was not clear whether police became involved.

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