This is the horrific moment a man brutally murdered his pharmacist wife after jumping behind a shop counter and repeatedly stabbing her with a knife.


The shocking incident was caught on CCTV security cameras at a chemist's shop in the city of Almaty in southern Kazakhstan.


It is alleged that Azamat Kulymbetov, 34, stormed into the shop where his wife Zhanar Nasyrova worked because he was angry that she had reported him for domestic abuse.


Ms Nasyrova tried to run away from him but her assailant caught hold of her, stabbed her in the side and then started stabbing her repeatedly as she fell to the floor.


He thrust the knife into her slender body more than 20 times as she lay on the floor of the shop in a pool of her own blood.


Ms Nasyrova tried to fight him off but she was clearly becoming weaker and weaker as the brutal attack continued.


The man ended up sitting astride her, apparently cutting her throat, until she finally stopped moving.


The suspect, allegedly identified as Mr Kulymbetov, then stood up and walked out of the store, leaving the dying body of his wife on the floor.


Passersby called the emergency services but Ms Nasyrova died at the scene before paramedics could arrive.


Police are investigating the incident which happened at a shop in the Asyl Arman district of Almaty.


The footage of the brutal attack, which happened in April but has only just been posted online, shocked viewers on video-sharing websites.


Netizen 'Rakhmet' said: "This is unbelievable, he is not a human being, no man could do anything like that. This sociopath needs to be looked up for life."


The police investigation continues. It is not reported whether Mr Kulybetov has been arrested.

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