This chilling video shows a young man committing suicide by slitting his wrists soon after murdering his family.


The suicide video selfie shows Rodrigo Jesus Hernandez Flores in a hotel room at the Condominiums Brisas Cancun, in the south-eastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo.


He addresses the camera blearily, saying: "I had a good life, goodbye."


He then takes off his T-shirt, revealing two large scars in an X shape on his chest.


Wandering over to the back of the room, he has a swig of drink then comes back to the camera to end his life.


Grimacing, he slits his left wrist with a small blade. Then he taps his forearm to help his blood flow out and there the video ends.


Upon discovering his body, authorities in Quintana Roo did not at first realise he was wanted for questioning in the capital, Mexico City, and his cadaver remained in the morgue waiting to be claimed.


But police eventually realised that this was the man they were seeking following the deaths of four people in the Mexico City area.


Hernandez Flores had murdered his mother, father, partner, and partner’s son, and assaulted his grandmother in his home borough of Xochimilco within Mexico City.


He fled to Cancun shortly after the murders, using money stolen from his grandmother when he attacked her.


A probe into his social life revealed that Hernandez Flores was secretly gay, reports said. He maintained a social media account under an alias in which he was open about his sexuality.


The fact that he felt he had to hide his sexuality from his family is suspected to be related to his aggression towards them.

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