An actor caught on CCTV trying to fight off an armed mugger says he should not have risked his life in that way.


Juan Alfonso Baptista Diaz, better known for his role in soap opera Pasion de Gavilanes, was held up at gunpoint in the streets of Colombian capital Bogota.


The thief pointed a gun at him and demanded his backpack.


The actor refused to hand it over, and instead went into a shop, where CCTV filmed him and his attacker in a stand-off.


At first he refuses again to hand over his rucksack, then relents and slips it off his shoulders on to the floor.


But when the thief grabs the bag, the actor grabs it too and they tussle over it.


The criminal says: "Don’t make you kill you, Gavilan."


The clip ends there but the thief reportedly got away with the rucksack, the contents of which were not reported.


But he failed to steal the actor’s watch, which he had also demanded, thought to be worth 20 million COP (5,433 GBP).


Baptista Diaz later told Colombian media that he regretted struggling with the armed thief, as it was a pointless risk of his life, and urged other people in the same situation not to follow his example.


Police spokesman Wilson Preciado agreed that it was unwise to fight an armed assailant.


He added that an investigation into the theft was ongoing.

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