A devoted cat owner risked her life to rescue her moggy from his 14th-floor perch outside a block of flats.


Video shows the woman hanging down from a window with her boyfriend gripping her legs as she tries to reach the cat.


It had jumped out of the flat’s window on to an air conditioning unit below in the city of Krasnodar in south western Russia's Krasnodar Krai region.


The video shot by a shocked fellow resident of the tower block shows the woman hanging down head-first and grabbing the cat, whose name is Erik.


Despite Erik’s struggles, she manages to keep hold of him and her boyfriend hauls them both back in through the window.


The height the woman was hanging from, without any safety equipment, was 46 metres (151 feet).


Reportedly the unnamed woman first called her downstairs neighbours as their window was closer to where the cat was sitting.


But since her neighbours were not home, the woman decided to rescue the cat by herself.


The whole operation took a few minutes and ended with no injuries to the couple or their cat.


But they were lambasted by online viewers after the neighbour’s footage went viral.


Netizen ‘Nati’ said: "She is an idiot, her cat would have managed to get back up on his own."


‘Glafira’ said: "Both the woman and her boyfriend are idiots. This is not an act of bravery, but stupidity and lack of preparation.


"They could have used a box attached to a rope or called rescuers. If she had fallen, her boyfriend would have been jailed for life."


But fellow cat devotee ‘Irina’ said: "This looks terrifying but I would have done the same."


Authorities are not thought to have become involved in the incident.

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