A disturbing video shows a mob savagely attacking a family of travellers because they were moving at night with cattle.


The family travelling in a makeshift van were set upon by a group thought to be Hindu extremists who feared they were taking the sacred animals to slaughter.


The clip shows a woman in the back of a van begging with violent protesters to stop as they rip the corrugated iron sides from the vehicle.


Police, clearly outnumbered, can be seen trying to stop the attack but without success as terrifying screams fill the air.


The incident happened in the district of Reasi, in Jammu and Kashmir State, northern India and was caught on the smartphones of onlookers.


It is reported the family were travelling through the night with cattle, a practice forbidden in India, and were set upon by vigilantes.


Rather than deal with the situation calmly, the mob attacked the family.


Footage shows women begging for mercy and screaming as they try to protect elderly members of the family.


It is reported there were also children hiding in the makeshift home who were terrified as the violence intensified.


The final scene shows an injured elderly man lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious.


Police have since said they are advising families who move with cattle "to travel with proper permission and only during the day".


Officers confirmed five of the nomadic family, including a nine-year-old girl and an elderly man, were injured in the attack. They were allegedly beaten with iron rods.


The mob later set fire to the family’s vehicle.


Eleven people were arrested yesterday, with four of them members of the attacked family who were charged with transporting cattle without permission.


Police officer SDS Jamwal said: "Strict action will be taken. These people (the victims) were moving with their livestock without permission. They were intercepted by Gau Rakshaks (a Hindu vigilante group that takes extreme means to protect cows) and beaten up.


"We advise these nomads to travel with their livestock in the day and avoid travel at night. They should travel with proper permission."


The attackers, who are said to be between 18 and 50 but have not been named, have no previous convictions.


Investigations are believed to be ongoing.

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