This is the shocking video showing the moment huge winds from a hurricane ripped the roof off a block of flats.


Two incidents of roofs coming down were reported in the south-western Russian Stavropol Krai region and were caught on the smartphones of terrified onlookers.


The footage shows two scary incidents - in the first, heavy winds ripe the entire roof from a four-storey flat block in the village of Mikhailovsk in south-western Russian Stavropol Krai region.


In the second - another roof which was from a five-storey building in Prigorodnaya street in city of Stavropol, south-western Russian Stavropol Krai region - can be seen on the ground as the sound of emergency sirens can be heard in the background.


Emergency services say that miraculously, no-one was hurt in either incident.


A spokesman for the rescuers said: "At 12.20pm part of the roof of five-storey building was ripped by the wind. 10 cars were damaged as a result."


Weather experts say they are expecting higher winds to hit the area in the coming week with winds blowing at an estimated speed of 75 feet per second.


Netizen 'Kolka' said: "The wind has always blown, there was no such accidents in Soviet times when they built buildings for good, now they are building in hurry and stealing building materials and this is what we get as a result."

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