Police are investigating after three construction workers filmed themselves torturing their boss' terrified nine-year-old son.


Two of the men are seen threatening the boy with a shovel and a length of wood while the third films the action on his smartphone in the city of Sanliurfa in south-eastern Turkey's Sanliurfa Province.


The footage shows the men pin the boy, named only as Mustafa Y., against a wall and threaten him with their work tools as he holds his hands to his face and shouts in fear.


The plasterers, who were from Syria, had been employed by local farmer, Halil Y., to work on a house he was building in his field in the Eyyubiye district of the city.


The father-of-six left them to get on with the work while he took his own elderly father to hospital, leaving little Mustafa at home.


The plasterers allegedly first started shouting and cursing at the little boy in Arabic, before grabbing hold of the boy and throwing them to each other.


The men are seen in the video lifting the boy into the air, swinging him roughly through the air and jabbing their fingers in his face.


At times, the men seem to be playing with the little boy, who even waves at the camera at one point, but he ends up in tears when they slap him across the face.


But the plasterer who filmed the action made the mistake of asking Mustafa's older brother, Abdullah Y., to charge his phone.


Abdullah came across the video while looking to see if the man had any interesting games on his smartphone.


He sent the video to his own phone, deleted it from the worker's phone and then showed his parents the clip.


Shocked and angry, Halil Y. confronted the workers and later filed a complaint with the police who have launched an investigation into the incident.


Halil Y., who says his son has been left traumatised by the plasterers' actions, said: "They tortured a little child in a way you would not even do to an animal.


"We opened our house to these people and we shared our food with them. But they were ungrateful. Now they have started threatening us because we filed a complaint against them.


"We complained to the police because we hope that they catch these men as soon as possible so that what happened to us will not happen to anybody else."


Sanliurfa lies close to the Syrian border and more than 500,000 Syrian refugees currently live in the area.

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