This is the sickening moment a rich teenager is caught on camera throwing banknotes from the window of a luxury car.


The bad taste incident was filmed by an eyewitness with a smartphone in the Russian capital city of Moscow.


The youth was seen hanging from a rear window of a Mercedes saloon car peeling baknotes from a roll and letting them fly off into the air.


Online critics hailed it as another example of Russia's so-called 'golden youth' as the children of the country's nouveau riche are known.


The video is proving popular with viewers after being shared on social media where it sparked a lively debate.


The caption for the video - which aped ostentatious US rap videos - was: "Your salary in seven seconds."


Netizen ‘stesha pushkova’ said: "People are starving in this country, and this silly man has nothing better to do that showing off like that. Outrageous."


‘Artem Ivanov’ added: "Well, now we can clearly see that some people indeed still have money in Russia. Way to go, boy, way to go..."


But ‘Alex Triumph’ argued: "Like a boss… nothing else to add. I wish I could do that too."


Traffic police in Moscow last year declared war on the city's 'golden youth' after a series of videos of teenagers speeding through city streets in luxury cars went viral.


And even Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed anger at the way rich young Russians show off their lifestyles of yachts, private jets and sports cars.

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