Carjackers dragged a woman along the road as they sped off in her vehicle.


The violent robbery in the Avellaneda neighbourhood of Argentine capital Buenos Aires was filmed by a witness from a nearby window.


The victim, who works as a teacher, had just pulled up outside her house to drop off her nine-year-old son when a group of thieves, armed with what are thought to have been fake guns, got into her car.


They ordered her out but she wrongly believed her son to still be in the car so she refused.


The thieves sped away with her half out of the vehicle, and the video shows her being dragged a few metres.


Her son had in fact already left the car and is not seen on the film.


She starts shouting and insulting the thieves while a passer-by is seen approaching her and telling her that her son was safe in the entrance to the building.


A neighbour said: "The boy had been left on the pavement and when the woman saw him, she calmed down.


"Police took 40 minutes to arrive there but she was out of danger, she is fine. What the thieves wanted was the car."


The neighbour said her neighbourhood had seen a rise in violent crime recently.


Police are investigating the case but the thieves are still on the run.


None of the people involved were named and the teacher is not thought to have been seriously injured.

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Author: Martina Salas

I am a journalist focus in human interest stories from Spain and Latin America.
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