Police are investigating after a man found a grenade attached to the wheel of his car.


The man, named only as Sergey L., 30, spotted a cable tied to the wheel of his Mitsubishi Lancer car in the city of Omsk in south-central Russia's Omsk Oblast region.


He was shocked to see that the cable was tied to the pin of a grenade which had been attached to the wheel suspension strut closest to the driver's seat.


Sergey realised that driving the car any distance would have pulled the pin from the grenade and so he called the police.


Officers evacuated the whole area and banned local children from playing outside while they investigated the booby trap.


It was later revealed that the device was a military training grenade that would have done no more than emit a loud bang and a puff of smoke had it been detonated.


But police are taking the incident seriously and are seeking the person responsible. Officers are interviewing witnesses and have seized the grenade.


They do not know whether the person they are looking for is a prankster or someone who wanted to give Sergey L. a nasty scare and are exploring all possible scenarios.


A police spokesman said: "Investigators, forensic scientists, police officers and explosives technicians are using special equipment to inspect the scene of the incident."


Netizen ‘Serhiy Loskutov’ commented: "I think they should check the car owner first."


And ‘lokovladan’ added: "If this guy parks his on a lawn in front of a nursery then he very much deserves to get a grenade from a ‘fan’."

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