A driver filmed slewing his car across the road in a life-endangering manoeuvre was later found to have his wife and young children in the vehicle.


Video of the dangerous driver was made by an off-duty soldier’s dashcam in Jerusalem, central Israel.


It shows a grey car veering wildly across several lanes of the wide road and spinning 180 degrees.


It then reverses and cuts across the dashcam car before pulling over.


The soldier who filmed the incident, who did not want to give his name, said: "I got off the Pisgat Ze'ev bridge toward the exit from the city and saw the Hyundai Accent, which was in the leftmost lane, cutting across four lanes, and from the speed, it span out. It was sheer luck that nothing happened."


He says that when he went to talk to the driver to see if any help was needed, he was astonished to see three young children in the car with their parents.


The father, in the driving seat, was calm and smiling.


And when the soldier said how reckless the driver had been, the man replied bizarrely: "I have an angel guarding me."


The soldier said: "He was very indifferent to what I told him."


He gave his footage to police, who say they are investigating, and to the Or Yarok Association for Safer Driving in Israel.


Association boss Erez Kita said road safety was worsening in Israel following cuts to police budgets.


He said: "Fortunately, there was no serious accident here. Each of us stands witness to the rampage on the roads every day, and this is a direct result of the budget cuts in road safety.


"The Israeli government disparages our lives when there are fewer police officers and fewer cruisers on the streets and drivers aren't afraid to run wild and endanger the lives of all of us.


"The State of Israel has been witnessing a steady increase in the number of people killed by traffic accidents over the past five years and must immediately add 300 cruisers and 300 police officers to increase visibility and police presence on the roads.


"Car accidents aren't fate. It is high time for the state to take responsibility and work to reduce traffic accidents more fully."

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Author: Gabriel Zamfir

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