The Austrian Chancellor has spent a day as a pizza baker and delivery driver to meet and greet with voters in a move not likely to be copied by Theresa May anytime soon.


A video of the Austrian Chancellor and chief of the Social democratic Party of Austria (SPO), Christian Kern spending an evening delivering pizzas throughout Vienna and meeting with his citizens has been published as part of an online campaign aimed at the middle class.


"New pizza boy. I wanted to surprise you. Mission accomplished", he said to one of the amazed families that he met.


According to Kern, having a conversation and listening to what the people think of his politics was the motivation behind the "change of profession."


Georg Niedermuehlbichler, the Federal Chairman of the party, said: "We want to show that SPO is the party that fights for the middle class. We are starting out with this Video. Kern goes to the people to listen to their concerns and issues in their own living rooms and to pick up on what they expect from the politics."


The middle classes are the voters that the party wants to capture in the current political campaign.


"This is not an election campaign," Niedermuehlbichle points out, "but just part of the regular work of a party, whose job it is to do different campaigns all the time."


He said it goes against the widely popular belief that the parties are around only come election day: "It is the job of politics, always to stay in contact with the people."


The online campaign starts in the following days and the video was published on the Chancellor’s social media page on Wednesday afternoon.


According to Niedermuehlbichler, no resources from the Chancellor’s Office were used for the production and distribution of the video.

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