Football pitch violence has spread into the youth game in Mexico as this video shows an under-13 player punching an opponent.


The boy has been given a six-match suspension from the under-13 side of leading Mexican club CF Pachuca.


Joseph Karim Estrada lost his cool at the end of a match against America in the quarter-final of a spring tournament in the BBVA Bancomer League.


Televised coverage of the match in Mexican capital Mexico City shows the American team in red celebrating after the referee blows for full-time.


But just as the teams appear to be ready to exchange handshakes, white-shirted Estrada is seen whacking Jeshua de Anda full in the face.


Goalkeeper Erick Gonzalez also receives a punch as he wades in to protect his team-mate from the unprovoked attack.


Though the punch was unprovoked, another American player can be seen ruffling Estrada’s hair just before he lays into de Anda.


The Mexican Football Federation has published a statement saying that Estrada will not be allowed to play in the next six matches.


Violence in Mexican football hit the headlines earlier this year when fans of Tigres and Veracruz faced off against each other in the stands of Veracruz's Luis "Pirata" Fuente stadium in the east coast city of Veracruz.

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